#engagement photoshoot #and Harry wants them to be serious for a minute#but then he’s like nooo Lou you didn’t do the right face#and Louis is like babe I look hot in every picture of course I’m doing the right face#and Harry just laughs and tells him to shut up#but then the next series of pictures are just them kissing and giggling into each othere’s mouths#until things get too heated and the photographer tells them to take a time out#so they get each other off in a nearby bathroom#and Louis smiles and says just like old times hey babe?#and when they come out they take a picture of them kissing each other’s oops and hi tattoos#because that is their first memory #and that’s the picture they chose for their invites (x)

July 6th   Turin, Italy

(Fonte: motelstyles)

(Fonte: zaynmlk)

(Fonte: ohstylesno)


They fell in love, didn’t they? Yes, they did.